Travelling for screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-18-05-52_edited_editedme is the need to learn, to be absorbed in cultures, escape the mundane, to stand on mountains and stare at the deep blue, to be absorbed by new friends and over taken by forming memories.

I was born with Wanderlust and I intend to stay that way. Now I have travelled to live and I live to travel.

From an early age we travelled. My parents with their four young daughters in tow crossed oceans for Dad’s work. From being blonde haired sisters_editedblue eyed brats living in the Yemen to surf inspired confused teens in Wales. They moved us around some of the most beautiful countries in the world, encouraged us to form our own opinions and gladly waved us all off as adults to experience it for ourselves.

My parents desire to let us grow up in these places meant they bought up four super stubborn independent women. Nowadays, we are a growing, scattered gene pool across the globe. Canada, New Zealand, Dubai, Tanzania and the UK. We have it pretty much covered.

Still the one thing that remains in all of us is a desire to be thrown into the deep and find the wow factor.