International Womens Day

OMI4I can think of lots of women who inspire me, women who had guts and strength to survive, to give a new generation the life we now take for granted.

If I had to choose one lady who inspires me every day I would choose my Omi.

When she was just a young girl living in Germany she was taken from her family and stationed in west Germany during the last few years of the war. At the end of the war, she escaped her post and with two friends fled the Russian army. They walked for 3 months mostly during night, across Germany back home.

Before she passed away I asked her “Omi, how did you survive those months,” she simply said in her strong German accent

“We did what we had to do, to survive.”

I often think of this moment and think of all the struggling women, mothers and children who do what they do to survive. How can we not be strong when human nature is so strong.

We don’t always choose our paths but it’s important to show strength in them. I am forever grateful to be the granddaughter of such a strong and inspirational woman.

Love you Omi. X

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