Fraggle does… the beginning


Hello Travellers, friends new and old,

Welcome to my first blog.

I am Rach, but some who know me call me the Fraggle.

What is the concept behind Fraggle does? For me Fraggle is rediscovering my passion for adventure. I used to be a Traveller, I used to be adventurous, I also used to be a naive 18 year old, stood at the departure gates of Heathrow airport waving at two very worried adults, as I made my maiden voyage solo around the world.

However Life changed, I changed and through circumstances that where no fault of my own I became different.

I became more adapted to office work and polished holidays than hiking up to a Buddhist temple or drift diving on a abandoned reef. This wasn’t the worst time ever, In fact I kind of grew to like this way of life. I achieved rather a lot during this time. I started to buy in to a different future. The idea of ever sending an 18 year old off on a plane solo seemed like a terrifying concept.

Now many would classify this act as simply “Growing up”. But in a way I felt like it was giving in. The light of adventure became that experienced by others in Travel magazines and glossy uploaded personal pictures on social Media. Real life had beaten me. I felt myself becoming distant from my passion and jealous of those whom got to experience raw travel. And then one day without me really noticing it happening, the hammer of real life had finally cracked me.

I am 33 year old, struggling with a breakdown in my marriage, feeling like the only escape would be to pack a bag and run away. But this is real life, when you are hammered down you can’t just ignore it or run away from it, you have to face it. Life before this moment seemed like I was viewing someone else’s life through a foggy glass.

There is suddenly that 18 year old in me fighting to get out. Just now when looking in a mirror I feel like I have greater wisdom obviously mixed with the extra wrinkles that life has dealt. So small steps… I suddenly see colour again, the desire to pick up my camera and take pictures of the places I refer to as the mundane has suddenly been transformed into beauty.

Instagram has been my escape in discovering what makes me 24 all over again. I suddenly see the bending of trees against blue skies as a place I want to entice people to visit.

I hope in time this blog will start to show who I am, from the people I have met and meet, the views I see and the food I eat.

We only live once and I expect to live in Wonderlust.22135_244603822154_2882623_n_edited

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